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Educational Theatre

This page is still currently under construction. Thank you for being patient while we update you with the latest information on our Educational Theatre Classes!

The University of North Texas Dance and Theatre Department offers variety of Educational Theatre Classes, including (but not limited to):

  • Introduction to Creative Drama in the Elementary School (THEA 1130)
  • Aesthetics of Theatre Throughout the World (THEA 1340)
  • Theatre Appreciation (THEA 2340)
  • World Theatre to 1700 (THEA 3030)
  • World Theatre After 1700 (THEA 3040)
  • Theatre in the Classroom (THEA 4240)
  • History of the Broadway Musical (THEA 4260)
  • Contemporary Chicano/Chicana Theatre (THEA 4370)
  • Gay/Lesbian Plays and Performance After 1960's (THEA 4380)
  • Theatre and Social Change (THEA 4390)
  • Theatre and the Holocaust (THEA 4395)
  • Theatre Topics (THEA 4500)
  • Theatre Practicum (THEA 4920)