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Freshmen and transfer students gain acceptance to the University via the UNT Admissions Office.

All students wanting to major or minor in dance (including entering freshman, transfer students, or current students at UNT) are required to submit a digital audition that includes filling out and submitting an application, creating and submitting a video of yourself dancing, and writing and submitting a short essay. All items are submitted in one email to the Department. The digital audition results determine acceptance into the program and level placement into dance technique classes, if accepted into UNT and into the Dance Program.

The details follow:

Interested students MUST fill out and email the Application for Dance Major. This audition is only for entrance into the dance program at UNT.

All dance students must meet with the department academic advisor before completing registration each semester. Advisors help with selection of courses, application of transfer credit, and general academic requirements, policies and procedures.

Dance Entrance Auditions

Dance entrance audition materials will be submitted in one email with attachments to by April 18, 2021.


  • Completed Application for Dance Major in MS Word only.
  • Completed Essay in MS Word. Attach a short essay stating what dance means to you as well as identifying your future career goals.
  • A Video-Recording of the applicant dancing, submitted as an Unlisted YouTube video link only. This link is pasted onto the last page of the Application Form and into the body of the email. The video is a maximum of 6 minutes and should include ballet dancing and contemporary/modern dancing, in two sections of the tape. Please perform choreography or combinations, showcasing your best technique level and a range of movements in each style. It can be a recent video you already have of yourself dancing or a new video you make for this audition.

* If there is more than one dancer in the previously-recorded video, make it clear who you are.

* Students should wear a leotard, tights, leggings, or any other close-fitting, versatile dance clothing and ballet shoes, if available, for the ballet portion..

* Given the limitations on accessing studio or gym space at this time, we understand that you may have limited space if shooting a new dance video. Your safety comes first, so please be careful.

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