Facilities | Dance and Theatre


The Department of Dance and Theatre is housed in both the Radio, TV, Film & Performing Arts (RTFP) Building and in the Dance and Theatre Arts (DATH) Building.

The department's two full-size performance venues are the University Theatre and the Studio Theatre, which are both located in the RTFP building.

The University Theatre is a proscenium stage with reserved continental seating for 415 patrons.

The Studio Theatre is a flexible performance space that changes according to the needs of each production. It can seat up to 160 patrons. AA/EOE/ADA seating is available upon advance request in both theatres.

The Department of Dance and Theatre has four dance studios in the DATH Building that are wood sprung. Dance classes feature live accompaniment. Students, faculty, and staff also have access to a new Dance/Theatre Technology Lab for working directly with digital media and computer technology.

The sets, costumes, and props are designed and constructed in full-size shops in the RTFP Building. Design/Technology students have the unique opportunity to design at all levels of production.

Theatre instruction also takes place in the Design Lab, two acting and directing studios, the Lighting Laboratory, the Costume Shop, and Makeup Shop.

The RTFP Building is also home to the Holland Library, where students, faculty, and staff may check out and research various plays and dance and/or theatre texts.

For Emergency protocols and procedures, please review our Emergency Floor Plan as well as our Emergency Action Plan.