Whitney Geldon (she/her) | Dance and Theatre

Whitney Geldon (she/her)

Dance Lecturer
MFA from Texas Women's University

Whitney Geldon's work emerges from the immediacy of the body, experiencing dance as an expressive language that transverses the boundaries of verbal, literal, and cultural communication while creating connectivity via the explicit and nuanced moving body. Geldon is certified in Movement Fundamentals, an experimental curriculum for facilitating movement artists in their own research and empowering people to feel gratitude for their bodies. Centering her artistic practice on Improvisation, as a creative impulse and a performance form, she frames her work on an intimate level with dancers as collaborators, layering the physical, conceptual, emotional, and the unexpected. Geldon is a Co-Founder/Director of Big Rig Dance Collective, a DFW project-based company, focusing on international artist commissions, community projects, and an annual summer workshop and curated concert. As a performing artist, she has performed and presented with international artists such as Amii Legendre, Rebecca Bryant, The Equus Project, and Jordan Fuchs Company, while her work has been presented nationally by the New Genre Festival, {254} Dance Festival, Flatlands Dance Theatre, and a number of DFW colleges. Ms. Geldon's pedagogy promotes a historical, geographical, and sociocultural study in order to embrace dance as a global phenomenon and as an embodiment of culture. With these models, she desires to embolden every body, age, and ability with agency and refinement.